After losing the first pro fight of his career against Tyron Woodley at UFC 183, a bout for which he missed weight the day before, Kelvin Gastelum wasn’t sure what to think when a certain name popped up on his caller ID.“I saw the name Dana White on my cell phone, and I said ‘well this is odd,’” Gastelum laughs, recalling a call from the UFC President. “I answered and he said ‘well, how would you like to coach The Ultimate Fighter?’ And I said I’d love it, I’d love to coach the Latin American season. I saw it (the first season), I s ... Read the Full Article Here
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What an amazing and genius episode!

This was one of those jack-in-the-box surprising stories that had you thinking one thing all the way through....and then thinking something completely different when it pulled the rug out from beneath you at the end.

The chilling mother-son jail scene forces you to go back through the entire episode and re-examine everything you thought from the start.

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 18 started out with the disappearance of a woman.

Right away you had to wonder – as the BAU did – why they even had the case. It didn't fit the profile of the cases they usually take.

When Hotch revealed that the director wanted them to take it....and that the woman was a congressman's wife, the pieces all came together. The bigger the client, the higher the priority.

We were allowed to put our collective disgust at the politics of it aside once we met the congressman, who seemed to be a decent man who was clearly distraught.

When they brought the congressman's brother Paul in for protection, we began to get a glimmer about how interesting this case was about to get. He was clearly angry and not at all impressed with something. We just weren't sure just what was bugging him so much.

Then when he revealed that Congressman Troy had paid off Paul's mob debt in order to keep him quiet about Troy's affair with his intern, the team refocused their investigation.

That's when something odious and strong hit the fan...and we were treated to the two contrary scenes: one in which Congressman Troy denied his affair, and painted a compelling picture of a woman in distress; a stalker who constantly threatened suicide.

The other scene was the intern – Michelle – who told a story about an ambitious man who only married his wife to better his political career. Her story was that she and the congressman were in love.

The stories were so at odds with each other and yet so believable, that you had to wonder if perhaps someone on the team would have realized that one of the story tellers had to be a psychopath.

The man quite simply was a work of art. His dramatic angst over his missing wife – an act that no doubt had been carefully rehearsed – completely fooled the entire team of profilers.

I think this means that there is a personality type out there that functions as the BAU's kryptonite. A well organized psychopath can get past their radar, evidently.

I'm still flummoxed over how well the congressman acted. It almost defies belief that he actually doesn't care all that much for his wife, or that he really did have an ongoing affair with his intern.

We saw near the end that his mother was a psychopath, as well. She had no real emotions about what she had done to Sophie, and certainly no regret. Did no one on the team begin to wonder about her son?

I confess that I certainly didn't – not until the end anyway, when it became obvious that he was at least as callous as his mother if not complicit in her plan.

Then there was that scene with the BAU gathered around a television set watching the congressman as he thanked the FBI for their help. Garcia was almost in tears, and even Rossi wondered out loud if they were looking at a future President of the U.S.

The evil irony of that scene, when juxtaposed against the jail scene was just too much:

Troy: What you did to Sophie was unforgiveable.
Dinah: I'm sorry Benjie.
Troy: But it worked. Now what do I do?

When you boil it all down, the BAU was hijacked in order to better a congressman's career. Sure they had no choice as a life was at stake – but that's the bottom line, isn't it?

At least "pretty boy" Reid got something out of it, with his possible new love interest.

I like how he asked her out in Russian. I guess that was his way of backing into it, which was kind of endearing in a way. The man is so shy.

Final thoughts:

  • Joshua Dov, who played the congressman's brother Paul, pretty much chewed up each scene he was in. It's a pity we didn't get to see more of him.
  • Be sure to tune in on April 8 for Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 19, which is entitled "Beyond Borders." Guest stars will include Anna Gunn and Gary Sinese.

What did you think of this episode, and in particular the startling ending? Did you see that coming at all? What are your thoughts on Reid's new love interest?

Be sure to watch Criminal Minds online and then chime in with your comments below!

Criminal Minds

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The 80s have come and gone, but tonight American Idol is taking us back to the days of big hair bands, Aqua Net, and Boy George!

The Top 9 will take the stage for 80s week with Mr. Karma Chameleon himself serving as mentor and guest performer. Since the judges saved Qaasim Middleton last week there are two contestants going home tonight.

Let's find out who they are now!

Totally coveting Boy George's eyebrows, guys. That's my takeaway from "Karma Chameleon."

Daniel Seavey​ is safe. With this announcement he also becomes the person who has gone first most often in this year's competition. AND he was born in 1999 so that makes me feel old. He's chosen a Hall and Oates song "You Make My Dreams Come True." This song choice is pretty great for him and Boy George's advice is that he sing from his stomach instead of his chest. It's good advice and this is his strongest performance yet. 

Keith said Daniel looks good on camera and he needs to be as loose in the beginning of his performances as he is at the beginning. Jennifer said the audience loves him and she loved this performance. Harry asked what Daniel loves about performing and he says "making people happy." 7.5/10

Up next to kick it 80s style is Quentin Alexander who had his eyes closed the whole time and didn't even realize his chair had lit up. Instead of Prince, which would have been perrrrrrrrfect, Quentin's singing Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight." Probably a solid choice. It's got the slow, haunting thing he's good at but he's still having some pitch issues, but it's super cool. Jennifer seems to love it and actually tries talking to him while he's up there. 

Jennifer thought his "cool factor" was on "1,000." She loves his originality. Harry loves that Quentin digs into the lyrics and loved that he did it again tonight, but he needs to pick up the pace a little. Keith loved it too. 8.5/10

Joey Cook, who is looking lovely in iridescent lavender, is safe. She's made the best song choice possible with Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." It's impossible not to feel a little infected by her joy on the stage but there are a few parts of this arrangement where the song goes down when it should go up. She does a little too much jumping around so her vocals get lost in her choreography. 

Harry thought she felt too distracted. Keith felt inconsistencies in her performance but knows that Nicole and the girls are dancing at home. Jennifer loved the outfit but felt the same as the guys about the performance. Boy George came out to give her a hug and offer her tea. 7/10

Tyanna Jones is safe! Not that there was ever any doubt, but just in case. She's going Whitney with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." She's back on her game after an off week last week. This girl is my absolute favorite, in it to win it, going all the way contestant. I damn near gave her a Standing O in my living room.

Keith thought Boy George did great mentoring but wants her to ease into the performances a little and drop the worry. Jennifer tells her to do what she knows she was born to do. Harry loved the arrangement and thought it made the song feel more current and says that Tyanna's in the driver's seat. 10/10

Also heading into the Top 9 is Jax. She's going rock with Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" on the piano. The arrangement is fantastic and completely updates the song, but she's going to get critique about changing the melody so dramatically. I, however, mostly loved it. She should've kept it behind the piano completely, but that's my only complaint.

Jennifer felt all the 80s punk attitude from Jax tonight and loved it. Harry agrees with me. She should've played piano the whole time. As it was she got lost in the guitars. Keith advises her not to be afraid to change things when they aren't working. He didn't love how the arrangement came together. 9/10

Nick Fradiani is sticking around. He's chosen Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" but he's not coming across well with Boy George in rehearsals. Boy George wants him to own his hotness just like J.Lo suggested last week. He has a little pitch problem in one of the opening bars...and in a few of the latter ones. He's just preaching it up there, laying it on the line. I don't even know what but I feel like I should change my ways now.

Harry called it a perfect song choice and a fantastic vocal. He's decided Nick's style is the humble guy who doesn't know he's hot. Keith compliments his smile and says that smiling would help him loosen up. Jennifer got caught up in the end when he really started singing to the audience instead of thinking about the song. 9/10

Nashville boy Clark Beckham is still in the game! He's going with "Every Breath You Take." Here's hoping he can make the song sound NOT stalkerish. So far, so good. In fact, this is pretty spectacular. He made the choice to drop all the backing instruments and play the piano while he sings. Watching him play and sing at the same time is my favorite thing about him. What happens with this song is that when it's stripped down the meaning changes in positive ways. Good performance.

Keith complimented his decision to stick with the original key and loved that he felt Clark's heart. Jennifer thought he made America feel everything, including her goosies. Harry says all he has to do is stand and sing and he'll be fine. No theatrics necessary. We'll be watching him next week. 10/10

After being saved last week, Qaasim Middleton is sticking around for another song. He's going to be singing Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love." He promised to sing more than he danced if he got to stay for another week and he's delivering on that promise. He feels just under the band and like the key is a smidge too low, but it's great to see him do something different. Plus, he really can sing and it's important that America knows that.

Jennifer loved it and loved how he held back and just gave us a song. Harry thought it was a fantastic choice to scale back from the theatrical performance and just sing. Keith loved the quality of Qaasim's voice and wants Qaasim to have more confidence in his voice. 9/10

The last contestant into the Top 9 is...Rayvon Owen. Neither Maddie Walker nor Adanna Duru will be singing a swan song since there is no longer a save in play. Rayvon, however, will be singing "Everybody Wants To Rule the World." Boy George tells him to stop being so damn perfect. This was a terrible song choice, mostly because he chose it simply for the falsetto in the middle. There's no emotion in his performance, which is what the judges want from him. He's a wedding singer paid to sing and entertain but in the background and that's what he does every week. 

Harry says he delivers a strong vocal every week but not a strong interpretation but he felt like this one was better. Keith thought it was a beautiful song and wants him to ease into it. Jennifer advises him not to be afraid to go outside his comfort zone, referencing his comment that he would stay in his lane despite the critique from the mentors. 7.5/10

Qaasim's risk will probably pay off. He was voted out because he wasn't showcasing his voice and this week he did that. Good call. Clark Beckham and Tyanna Jones are also on top this week. Those two are my picks to be in the finale. 

Daniel Seavey keeps winning the tween vote and given the news that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction and the tween crowd is otherwise occupied tonight, he might take a hit this week. Joey Cook had an off night as well, but her fanbase is likely strong enough to keep her here another week.

We'll find out next Wednesday night when American Idol returns!

American Idol

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If you, like all of us here at SciFi Mafia, are a fan of Orphan Black, make sure your calendar is marked and your day is clear for the Season
SciFi Mafia » News

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Is Lucious Lyon God?

No, but on the Empire Season 1 finale Lucious taunts his son to determine who is more powerful, him or God. 

Other quotes include Mindy worrying about her pregnancy body on The Mindy project, Oliver pondering becoming the next Ra's al Ghul and Rogelio touting his own ear for comedy on Jane the Virgin.

Flip around the slideshow and discover what other quotes made the cut this week and whether you're missing out on some mind-blowing new series waiting to be discovered. Hint: of course you are!


Related Glee Products

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With the exception of the Christmas specials, there has never been an episode of Glee which did not move me in some way.

Even when the stories and plots were so convoluted and silly as to be overly ridiculous, I still found a reason to smile each week. 

Glee Season 6 Episode 12 and Glee Season 6 Episode 13, the series finale episodes, have carried on that tradition, making me laugh, cry, and leaving me feeling, well, full of glee.

Take A Bow - Glee Season 6 Episode 13

Glee Season 6 has been one roller coaster of enjoy-ability. The time spent focused on the new New Directions was wasted when what it felt like we needed was more time with our core cast members. Tonight the finale gave us that gift. Mostly.

The flashback episode, "2009," should have been placed earlier this season. How they got started from a different perspective wasn't really necessary, particularly not at the end. We knew they fought, so seeing them fight about who got the first solo wasn't especially new. And Blaine's scene in the coffee shop was completely extraneous and unnecessary. 

It would have been better suited to an earlier slot this season, perhaps as the season opener. Placing it there would have more greatly highlighted Rachel's rise and fall and why that fall happened. She got cocky, just as she did once upon a time when the glee club started. 

But if it had happened anywhere else, Cory Monteith's inclusion, via spliced footage from the very first full-group performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" wouldn't have worked, and that was the gut punch moment of that episode. 

As Will walked down the hall and overheard the sounds of singing coming from the choir room, I felt my stomach tense up. Would they cut to the footage? Just tease us with the music in the background? I didn't know. I was happy with the result.

Cory Monteith's absence from the show has been palpable, since his death most certainly, but especially this season. It's hard to say goodbye when you didn't really get the chance to say goodbye, you know?

I mean, we did get to say goodbye. Glee Season 5 Episode 3, "The Quarterback" was a beautifully done tribute to both Finn and Cory, but there was something about seeing him again tonight that helped bring more closure to the character since we already know how his story ended. 

The parallel scenes in the episodes helped that along. First, we were reminded in the final moments of "2009" that Finn Hudson was a vital part of the glee club. We got to relive that joy from their first performance together. At the close of "Dreams Come True" we were shown that his life mattered. He made a difference. His memory will continue to do that for generations of glee kids to come. And the joy was still there.

These episodes became touching tributes to not only Finn Hudson but also to Will Schuester. It was unexpected but perfect. 

All season, for the past three seasons, really, things have been all about Rachel Berry. She had her moment to shine tonight, but Will Schuester's impact on the students at McKinley was front and center. 

Those are the parts that made me cry. I couldn't help it. Once a teacher, always a teacher, and stories about teachers who make a difference will almost always hit me in the feels. Rachel's Tony Awards speech was where I lost it. I couldn't help it. All of his cheesy heart to hearts were super heavy on the cheddar but that didn't make them any less poignant in the moment. Tonight felt like a culmination of every inspiring thing he's ever said. 

Maybe I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. (I totally am.)

As for how everyone ended up, Rachel married Jesse and won a Tony. Loved it. She also decided to be a surrogate for Blaine and Kurt. I loved that, too. (I didn't love that she wasn't pregnant and there was no baby in the final scene, but maybe Holly Holliday was babysitting or something...)

Mercedes is a big-time recording star. Opening for Beyonce put her on the map and now she cannot be stopped. Artie and Tina decided not to wait until they're 30 to get together. He's making movies and she's his leading lady. 

Sam Evans has taken over Will's teaching responsibilities and is the new coach of the New Directions. Kurt and Blaine are living a fabulous New York life. Will and Emma have a dozen ginger children (or just four). Sue is the Vice President of the United States.

It was all so perfect and perfectly Glee. 

Glee has a history of tying up loose ends neatly, of finishing up story arcs as soon as they begin. Some of the time, the payoff is minimal, but in this case, it's exactly what was expected. There were no cliffhangers. No one has an unhappy ending. That may not be real life but in real life, people don't randomly burst into song either, so there's that.

I can't help but feel a little sad that Glee is over, even though it was well past time for it to end. I'll miss the random songs, the snarky one-liners, Sue's whacky stories, Will's vests. 

What's that saying again? Don't be sad because it's over but smile because it happened? I'm smiling, Glee. Well done.

What did you think of the Glee series finale? Are you sad that it's over? What's been your happiest Glee memory over the past six seasons? Just because it's over doesn't mean it's gone for good. You can watch Glee online any time!


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It's My Jam Monday!

Dancing With the Stars Season 20 Episode 2 started a little slow, but overall offered a night of fun, surprises, and happy tears. Seriously, there were some really fun dances.

Last week, I was less than interested in Redfoo's performance, but this week he showed improvement and passion that made me want to root for him. I love seeing contestants who have passion and who seem to try especially hard. Watching the stars improve from week to week is one of my favorite things about this show.

Dancing Star

Another significant improvement this week came from Willow and Mark. You really have to love Mark Ballas for his creativity and willingness to push boundaries. The dance he came up with this week included body paint for an artistic take on an Argentine Tango, and it was fantastic.

I also loved Rumer's and Val's Foxtrot (how could you not?) to "Rumor Has It." I didn't want the dance to end because I was so enthralled. The special effects were a nice touch, but more importantly, the dance was beautiful to watch.

Oh, and Val's impression of Bruce Willis was pretty great, too.

Derek and Nastia were at the top this week, and no one was surprised. They earned the first nines of the season.

My favorite dance of the night, though was Patti and Artem's Salsa to "In Da Club." I mean, come on! Patti broke it down on the dance floor like a champ.

Noah and Sharna were, again, phenomenal. Watching this guy dance is completely mesmerizing. We also got a little more background on the contestants this week, and we learned about Noah's girlfriend who has been away for six months. He dedicated his dance to her, and we saw them talk on video chat. Then, when Erin Andrews asked him what it was like to be separated from her, the girlfriend came up behind him. Their reunion was emotional and sweet, and I'm glad it's something we all got to see.

Okay, so now for the important part. Somebody had to be the first to go home. Since there's no longer a proper results show, the eliminations were probably the most rushed that I've ever seen. Granted, they aren't leaving the couples in unnecessary suspense, but I think more time should be devoted to something so important.

Who was the first to go?

Guys. This is not okay. The most improved dancer was sent home, and there was a lot of loud booing in the ballroom.

Redfoo and Emma were eliminated this week.

Here's the thing: Redfoo and Emma were at the bottom of the leader-board last week, so it makes sense they would go home first. However, because of the way the results were scheduled, we got to see how much he could improve only to watch him get sent packing. It's yet another reason Dancing with the Stars would be better if the results shows came back. (Apparently, that will happen later in the season, so that's good at least.)

Silver lining? Redfoo got the opportunity to show everyone what he was capable of.

What did you think of this week's episode of Dancing with the Stars? And how do you feel about the elimination? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Here are this week's scores!

  • Nastia and Derek (Rumba): 34
  • Rumer and Val (Foxtrot): 32
  • Willow and Mark (Argentine Tango): 32
  • Riker and Allison (Foxtrox): 32
  • Redfoo and Emma (Jive): 31 -- ELIMINATED
  • Suzanne and Tony (Jive): 28
  • Robert and Kym (Foxtrot): 28
  • Michael and Peta (Foxtrot): 28
  • Patti and Artem (Salsa): 28
  • Noah and Sharna (Samba): 27
  • Charlotte and Keo (Cha Cha): 26
  • Chris and Witney (Cha Cha): 21

Dancing With the Stars

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Some shows are happy and fluffy and bright, with laughing and ponies for everyone.

Some shows are just plain evil, killing off beloved characters and ripping them away from us for all time. Heck, The Walking Dead has practically been making a sport of it lately. You'll also discover a duo long dead on Supernatural we still can't get over, as well as a female archer (or two) who should rise up and take aim once more.

But you know what? Just because someone made the decision to kill off characters we love doesn't mean we have to stand around and take it. We've done that for far too long and it's time we did something about it.

And do something we shall! Flip around our slideshow and discover which characters we think were taken too soon, and whose return from the dead we are demanding. Immediately.

The Vampire Diaries

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Supernatural has definitely become known for killing off fan favorite characters over the years, from John Winchester to Ellen and Jo, but none of the losses hurt as much as Bobby’s death in Season 7 of the series. However, since dying, Bobby has still popped up from time to time on Supernatural, and thanks to Variety, which first reported the news, we know that we will be seeing him again soon, as Jim Beaver will be returning to Supernatural for an upcoming Season 10 episode. Beaver will make a guest appearance in the April 1 episode of Supernatural, which is titled “Inside Man.” According to Variety, in that installment, “Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) need a little help from someone in heaven, so they turn to Bobby (Beaver). Elsewhere, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) face off.” As mentioned above, Bobby was probably (no, definitely) Supernatural‘s most beloved…

Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10

 Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10  Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10

 Jim Beaver Returning as Bobby in Supernatural Season 10

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Press Release: “THE X-FILES” RETURNS TO FOX Emmy Award-winning Pop Culture Phenomenon From Chris Carter Is Back as Six-Episode Event Series David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to Reprise Their Roles
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