The first trailer for the Coen Brothers upcoming comedy Hail, Caesar! has arrived online, a star-studded affair set during Hollywood's Golden Age. If

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This should not come as any kind of surprise, but Kyra Gracie’s one-year-old daughter Ayra already has a Jiu-Jitsu gi. That’s the Gracie way.“She just started walking now, and I put the gi over her and then I play around with her on the mat,” the proud mother said. “She doesn’t know anything yet, but she’s getting used to it. I put her on the mount position and she laughs a lot, so I think that’s a good way to start. It’s just a playing area for her. And in the future, she will be fighting for sure. I hope so.”Gracie laughs, probably ... Read the Full Article Here
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A new Batman v Superman image has appeared online, turning the focus squarely on Ben Affleck's Dark Knight...

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It's another week of debuts and departures. 

Saying hello this week are new series Quantico, The Grinder, Blood & Oil and Code Black, while returning series include The Blacklist, Hawaii Five-0, Family Guy, Chicago PD, Agents of SHIELD and The Last Man on Earth.

We knowingly said our final farewells to CSI and unknowingly (at the time) to Chasing Life, which has been canceled since the time the second season premiere aired. 

Check out the quotes and let us know if we missed your favorite!

1. Hawaii Five-0

A pirate story hawaii five 0
Jerry: Beta had better picture, better sound. But, for some reason the format never caught on with the general public. Danny: Is that a...

2. Quantico

The best and the brightest quantico
Shelby: The only thing they could have redacted about him is where he gets his abs sprayed on.

3. Doctor Who

The doctors temptation doctor who
Missy: In a way, this is why I gave her to you in the first place; to make you see. A friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the...

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt is transferred brooklyn nine nine
Jake: You know my motto sir, chos before hoes. "Chos" woud be chores.

5. Once Upon a Time

The evil queen image
Hook: It needs darkness. You've gone soft. Regina: You want to see soft? Why don't I use that hook to show you your intestines?

6. Ray Donovan

Thats not lipstick ray donovan
Father Romero: Ray, faith is the evidence of things not seen. You asked God for forgiveness. That has to be enough. The rest is out of...

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The latest News Direct from Comic-Con

Available job opportunities at Comic-Con International.

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Fans eagerly anticipating the premiere of Shadowhunters on ABC Family (soon to be called Freeform) still have a few months of waiting ahead of them. However, the cable network is giving viewers a sneak peek at what they can expect from the new series through the Shadowhunters‘ Snapchat account (TVShadowhunters). Through the show’s Snapchat, ABC Family has been sharing short clips from Shadowhunters, teasing action-packed moments from the show, which is based on Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments book series. And, as to be expected in this age of the internet, someone has put all the footage together for one fully completed promo that Shadowhunters fans can watch. Check out the full, minute-long trailer below: Additionally, Shadowhunters will have its own panel this weekend at New York Comic-Con. The entire cast of the upcoming series will take the Empire Stage on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 11 a.m. to reveal exclusive footage from the supernatural drama. Shadowhunters stars Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Dominic Sherwood (Jace…

Shadowhunters Trailer: Watch the First Footage From the Mortal Instruments Series Right Now


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Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a close, which means we can all board the long hype train of Phase 3 that will eventually culminate

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Something big might be happening for Alex soon.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3, Jo keeps a secret from Alex, and it might just be a life-changing one. Meanwhile, Alex struggles to make the right decisions for his patients.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peek from "I Choose You."

1. More Wine! - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

More wine greys anatomy s12e3
It's always a good time to open a bottle of wine on Grey's Anatomy. Or many bottles of wine.

2. Girls' Night! - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

Girls night greys anatomy s12e3
It's girls' night in on Grey's Anatomy, and Maggie is re-evaluating her life choices after receiving a wedding invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding. Yikes. So what advice will everyone give her on "I Choose You"?

3. Happy Callie - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

Happy callie greys anatomy s12e3
Are things getting serious with Callie and her new love interest, or will she an Arizona have a chance at getting back together? Either way, Callie seems pretty happy at the moment, and she's certainly enjoying girls' night!

4. Good News? - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

Good news greys anatomy s12e3
Alex struggles with a decision that could affect the lives of newborn twins, but for now, maybe things seem hopeful?

5. Alex Mentors New Interns - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

Alex mentors new interns greys anatomy s12e3
Alex also has the task of mentoring a set of new interns as he works with patients. Which ones will do well, and which ones will end up leaving the hospital?

6. This is a Teaching Moment - Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3

This is a teaching moment greys anatomy s12e3
We love seeing Alex as a mentor! He has a lot to teach this new intern "I Choose You." Meanwhile, Jo has been keeping a secret from him, and it might just be a life-changing one.

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Following a rough start to the season with two losses, Team McGregor has turned things around these past two weeks, with an emphatic statement being made on the latest episode, as Saul Rogers dominated Billy Quarantillo in one of the most lopsided fights in recent memory. McGregor selected Rogers for the very reason that he knew the British fighter was one of the strongest competitors on the show, but in a favorable matchup like the one he had against Quarantillo, there was little doubt he was going to walk out the winner. Before the fight kicked off this week, Rogers spoke not jus ... Read the Full Article Here
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There was no more talk of absent agents this week as everyone pulled together to solve a troubling case involving a psychopathic unsub who was planning a sarin attack against the FBI.

This, unlike last week's offering, was a stellar episode designed to keep us wondering and on the edge of our seats the whole way through. And it succeeded.

Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 2 gave us the story of a bitter cuckolded man named Charlie Senarak.

Charlie had become so enraged by his wife's infidelity that he killed her lover – a man named Theo. Only, Charlie didn't realize that there was a witness to that event. Theo's half-brother Mitchell Crossford saw the murder, and used it as an opportunity to blackmail him. Mitchell wanted to attack the FBI, and he wanted Charlie to be the patsy and fall guy for that plan.

It was amazing to watch the two seemingly disconnected stories work on the screen side by side.

On the one side we saw the hapless Charlie being lead around by the nose (and cellphone) and on the other we saw the BAU trying to connect the dots on the sarin killer.

This was some great story-telling.

And what a great choice in actors to play Charlie! We're so used to seeing Tim Kang as the mostly unflappable Agent Cho on The Mentalist. It was just amazing to see him playing an out of control and highly emotional train wreck of a guy.

The long hair probably helped, too.

This role served as a wonderful showpiece for Kang: it's doubtful he'll ever be typecast again, which was a real danger because of his brilliant portrayal of Cho. The role of Charlie here shows that the man has a range. We can expect to see him more and more as other challenging parts come his way. Producers and directors, take note!

The other pleasure to this episode was seeing Dr. Tara Lewis mesh well with the gang, and in particular with Reid. It's almost as if she's been with them the whole time.

The philosophical discussion she had with Reid at the end not only showed her chemistry with him but provided a bit of worthwhile thought on which we could collectively chew. The notion that events today might not be as random as we thought, and that events took place hundreds of years ago to bring us to where we are today, is compelling. I'm not sure I buy it, necessarily, but it's worth considering.

All in all it was a relief to see this story, especially after the somewhat disjointed offering in Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 1.

Final thoughts:

  • You may have recognized Marisol Nichols, who played Agent Colfax. She also is Tony's love interest Zoe on NCIS.
  • The episode was so well-written it could have gone over a several episode arc. In fact, that's the thought that occurred when Morgan opened the van door and only found a mannequin inside.
  • There may have been one small misfire: why did Charlie go back to the FBI building when he thought his daughter was in danger? And how could Mitchell have foreseen that he would do just that, and complete his plan for bringing the sarin directly to them? If I were Charlie, I'd be checking my daughter's school to see if she was there, or calling my wife. About the last thing I'd do is go to the FBI building. In fact, if I felt the need to contact them, I'd do so by phone. Time being the essence, of course.
  • The song playing at the end was "Here We Go" by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. It's on their album called "Medicine."
  • Remember, you can always see the episode again when you watch Criminal Minds online.
  • Be sure to join us next week for a story directed by Joe Mantegna on Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 3 entitled "Til Death Do Us Part."

Now over to you. What are your thoughts on the second episode of the season? Were you able to figure any of it out early? Hit us up in the comments!

Criminal Minds

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