We can’t believe it’s over. The Mentalist Season 7 was just 13 episode long, but we were thrilled to watch every installment for this final season.

Which was the best episode, most pivotal moment and most surprising twist? Which pairing had the best bromance this season? Read on to relive all of the wonderful moments from The Mentalist Season 7.

Best Episode:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 13, “White Orchid”  - After years of darkness and angst, Jane and Lisbon finally figured it out. They were open and honest with one another and as Lisbon told Jane as Lazarus was captured and he switched out her gun for a bouquet, “You see how much better things turn out when you're honest with me.” From catching their final serial killer to a romantic wedding surrounded by family and friends, it was the finale that made The Mentalist fans every where swoon. 

Most Disappointing Moment:  It was never really one episode but a string of missed moments where we wanted see more physical contact between Jane and Lisbon. A kiss, a hug, a touch. From Jane saving her life in “The Greybar Hotel” to them being their for one another after Vega’s funeral. We craved the moments of affection between these two that we never got to see until the very end. 

Best Change:  We found out in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 1 “Nothing But Blue Skies” that Agent Kim Fischer had moved on. We didn’t hate Agent Fischer but she never seemed to fit in during The Mentalist Season 6 so we have to admit, we were glad to see her go.

Most Pivotal Episode: The Mentalist 7 Episode10, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” - She was introduced as the annoyingly over-eager rookie who looked down upon Patrick Jane’s unorthodox methods. Several episodes in we’d really developed an affection for Michelle Vega. That’s why her death hit us and the team so hard. Wiley mourned the girl he’d finally found the courage to ask out, Cho suffered the loss of his trainee and Jane almost decided to leave the FBI all together. It was the episode that changed everything and put Jane and Lisbon’s future in question. It was dramatic, heartbreaking and unforgettable.

Best Character Return:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3, “Orange Blossom ice Cream” brought back the unforgettable Erika Flynn played by Morena Baccarin. Not only did she immediately realize that Jane and Lisbon were now in a relationship, she tried to derail it to save herself, unsuccessfully of course. Although we weren’t thrilled with her tactics it we loved seeing her once last time.

Most Dramatic Moment:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 2, “The Greybar Hotel” We knew that Lisbon going undercover in prison was going to be good but it was when she and her cellmate broke out of prison that things got good.   almost getting shot after breaking out of prison. When Cole held a gun to Lisbon’s head, Jane looked positively ill.  We wondered if an unarmed Jane was going to have to sit back and watch his secret love be killed.  Instead he stepped into the fray and the two almost died together, until backup followed Jane’s trail of bottles and came to their rescue.

Best Bromance:  This one was tough. As much as we loved the relationship that formed between Cho and Wiley, it was Dennis Abbott and Patrick Jane who won for best bromance. From Abbott telling his wife that Jane was one of the most devious minds he’s ever worked with to him also admitting that he’d trust Jane with his life, these two formed a bond we hadn’t before witnessed. Despite wanting to throw him in prison when they first met, Abbott grew to respect and dare we say even love Patrick Jane and the feeling was mutual.

Funniest Moment: It’s a tie. There was the cat sitting on the money in Peterson’s house in The Mentalist Season 7 episode 9 “Copper Bullet” and Lisbon singing a Bon Jovi lullaby to Jane in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 8, “The Whites of Their Eyes” We just couldn’t choose.

Happiest Moment: Patrick Jane proposing to Teresa Lisbon. He took off his wedding ring and told Teresa how much she meant to him and that his future was with her. That moment, and the wedding that followed were the happiest moments of the series. 

Most Surprising Twist:  We have to admit. We never saw it come until Lisbon smiled at Jane and put her hand over her stomach. A Jisbon baby. It was the most wonderful surprise that we didn’t see coming.

The Mentalist Season 7 Grade: A

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Give The Mentalist Season 7 your grade.

Are you already missing the show? You can watch The Mentalist online now right here at TV Fanatic. 

The Mentalist

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Robert Downey Jr. has been so kind as to grace us with a fantastic character new poster of Iron Man from Marvel‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron through his Twitter account.
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The latest episode of the original series Pioneers of MMA is now is now live on FIGHT PASS. This month’s edition focuses on the enormous contributions Brazilian Jiu-jitsu legend RENZO GRACIE has made not only to the sport of MMA as both a practitioner and coach, but also to the Gracie family legacy.Considered by some to be the most complete mixed martial artist the legendary Gracies ever produced, Renzo Gracie defeated five UFC champions during a career which straddled the no-holds barred and modern MMA eras. Featuring exclusive interviews with Gracie and some of hi ... Read the Full Article Here
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What is it with the tearjerker episodes and why aren't they coming with a Kleenex warning!?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15, Mystic Falls said goodbye to their beloved Sheriff Forbes, once again leaving me in tears. 

No one knows how to micromanage the organization of a funeral quite like Caroline Forbes. Her endency to run a tight ship is but one of the many reasons we love her. To some it might have seemed like Caroline was compartmentalizing her mother's death and refusing to deal with it, and those people would be right. Sort of.

We've long suspected that a Caroline-flips-her-humanity-switch arc was coming, and for those of us eager to see this explored, tonight didn't disappoint. Nor will The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16 when the series returns on March 12th. (Just in time for my birthday!) We're getting what we've hoped for.

It makes absolute sense that Caroline would want to turn off her humanity, and it's fair that she gets to take a stab at it since everyone else has. Why should she be the one to suffer through her grief while she's watched so many of her friends just peace out of having to deal with the hard stuff? 

The question is whether or not this will actually work for control freak Caroline. 

My money's on this being the best Caroline we've ever seen. A vampire who doesn't care that she's hunting humans capable of stopping when she wants because she wants to without any of the guilt or shame her humanity-feeling cohorts deal with when they do the same? Yep. Sign me up. 

It will probably be shortlived and now that he's realized he feels something for her, Stefan will probably be the one to bring her back to her senses, but this is going to be fun while it lasts. It's terrible that it took Liz Forbes dying to make it happen, but hey, we have to find the silver lining, right?

I have to say I'm digging the Stefan-Caroline will they-won't they and the way it's feeling like a bit more of an organic revelation for Stefan. He's a bit obtuse when it comes to relationships with Elena being the only girl he's ever loved more than she's loved him. This thing he has with Caroline, whatever it is, is different. It's...more grown up. 

Team Staroline, guys. I'm on it.

Another thing that was great about tonight, really the last several episodes, is the way the breadcrumbs have been dropped leading us up to one of tonight's giant shocks.

It was sort of odd that Damon would drop references to his own mother's death to Liz last week, but it sort of made sense. It was a way for Liz to ask that he be the one to deliver her eulogy and process his own grief. Plus, it gave us a few great flashbacks to kid Stefan and big brother Damon long before Katherine Pierce entered their lives. 

Damon used Liz's funeral as a way to say goodbye to his own mother and to apologize to Stefan for letting him down so long ago. But wait! There's more!

Mama Salvatore has been living in a prison world since 1903. 

I can honestly say that I did not see that coming. Not by a long shot in a million years. I have so many questions and I want so many answers, and I suspect that Kai is the keeper.

Kai showed up on Jo's doorstep vomiting blood and looking like walking death. The minute Jo was shown puking into a toilet, I knew she was pregnant. Bad Thai. Psshh!! (The Originals Season 2 is having such a good time with magical miracle baby Hope that The Powers That Be are probably trying to see if lightning can strike twice.)

The sequence with Jo, Alaric, and Kai was well done even if things between Jo and Alaric feel a little rushed. If my math is correct, it's been around 150 days since Damon returned, which puts Jo and Alaric together for a little longer. That's certainly enough time for him to know he wants to marry Jo. The baby is just a nice little touch. 

There was never any question that Jo would opt to give him her magic in order to save her family, even the family she didn't yet know about, so the real wonder now is what will Kai do with it.

What does he want with this magic? As ruler of the Gemini coven, what's his plan? To...not wear skinny jeans? Play video games? World domination? 

Or maybe his plan is linked to the prison worlds. As the gatekeeper, he has the power to release those trapped by his family. People like Damon's mother, that is, if she didn't somehow hitch a ride on Bonnie's Aurora Borealis.

The best but most underwhelming moment of tonight's episode is that Bonnie Bennett is BACK!

(Who has been cutting her hair so amazingly well in the prison world? Does it not grow over there since she's technically been reliving the same day for 278 days? These are important questions, Julie Plec.)

For a moment that has taken us 16 episodes to see, it sort of felt like getting Bonnie back should have been a more prominent feature of tonight's episode, but that would've taken away from Liz's funeral and Caroline's decision. Maybe all is as it should be and Bonnie saving herself and going straight to Damon to make pancakes was the perfect re-entry for our resident Bennett witch.

What do you think, TVD Fanatics? Was this the perfect return for Bonnie, or were you hoping for more fanfare? How do you feel about Mama Salvatore being trapped in a prison world?

Let's chat in the comments below and remember, TVD returns in March! Until then you can watch The Vampire Diaries online.

The Vampire Diaries

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Patricia Arquette just won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

However, in case that isn't enough of a promotion for CSI: Cyber - on which Arquette will star as the leader of a team who investigates international computer crime - CBS is hoping to break a Guinness Book of World Record on March 4.

Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek - CSI: Cyber

Aiming to achieve Largest Ever TV Drama Simulcast, the network will air the CSI episode “Kitty” in more than 150 countries at 7 p.m. EST that Wednesday.

The April 2014 installment served as a backdoor pilot for CSI: Cyber.

It will also be streamed in the U.S. on from 4 p.m. PT to midnight.

When CSI premiered, I had no idea it would become the sensational global franchise it is today,” said creator Anthony Zuiker, who will also serve as executive producer of CSI: Cyber.

"CSI has taken on Las Vegas, Miami, New York and now, with CSI: Cyber, we dive into the vast world of cyber crime, where we can instantly be connected to anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. I can’t think of a better way to kick off CSI: Cyber and celebrate 15 years of international success than with a worldwide simulcast."

The ongoing record for the largest TV drama simulcast was set by the 50th anniversary episode of “Doctor Who,” which aired in 98 countries across six continents in November 2013.

CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 1 will premiere on Wednesday, March 4 at 10/9c.


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The second night of Motown Week kicks off tonight with the American Idol Season 14 Top 8 girls taking the stage. 

Just like last night, we'll learn the fate of the four girls going home at the end of the night when they're the sad souls left sitting in stools behind the judges. 

American Idol Season 14 Top 12 Girls

Tyanna Jones, who was probably made for Motown week, is the first girl to find out she's in. Good call, America! She chooses "Rockin Robin" and sticks pretty close to the original arrangement. That's a good choice, because the song is so iconic that messing with it too much would ruin it. Absolutely everyone sings along with her.

Keith calls it a great way to kick off the night. Jennifer loves the throwback vibes Tyanna's giving off tonight. Harry says it was subtle and strong and doesn't think there's anything Tyanna can't sing. 10/10

Joining Tyanna in the safe zone, Loren Lott takes the stage. She chooses a Michael Jackson song, "I Wanna Be Where You Are." It feels a little risky because it's not a song many people are likely to know. The arrangement is a little bit disco. She shouts just a little, but she has a great time.

Jennifer calls it a strong performance and says Loren has an innate talent. Harry says a high bar has been set so far and Loren may have just nudged it up a little higher. Keith compliments the Motown song book. 9/10

Maddie Walker is the next one through. After a pretty lackluster performance last week, she better really bring it with this version of "I'll Be There." This girl can't smize so she always looks a little stunned and terrified when she sings. There are some opportunities to do some great runs and she totally misses them. 

Harry says she deserves to be here but technically she goes sharp and she doesn't have much dynamic range. Keith calls it a good song choice and likes that she took out the runs. Jennifer thought she did a good job even with the nerves. 6/10

Number four goes to...Joey Cook. She has to let out a big shout on her way up to the stage which is basically adorable. She's also the first NOT to sing a song from a Jackson and goes with "Shop Around." She's so quirky and fun and current but watching her can be a little distracting. She's so nervous she's downright twitchy.

Keith loves how she makes songs her own (which is what America loves about her). Jennifer loves how she's not afraid to show her emotions when she sings, even if those emotions are nerves. Harry loves her artistry but wonders if her stylized nature will get tiring to people. 8/10

Sarina-Joi Crowe, auditioning veteran, is taking seat #5. She's trying to keep it with "You've Really Got A Hold On Me." She chooses to drop the band and sing with just a guitar backing her up, which puts all the focus on her vocals. It's an interesting choice and a good one, in my opinion, because it's totally stripped down and she gets to shine.

Jennifer says "you sing" and then calls her the best singer here. Harry calls her terrific and says she has a world-class smile. Then he tells her she sang consistently flat. Keith agreed with Harry but loved that she wasn't distracted by the audience cheering for her. 9/10

Adanna Duru, self-proclaimed "huge goofball," is up next with "Hello." Glee did an epic rendition of this song, so she's got a high mark to hit in order to top that. She goes for high drama and high notes and mostly hits both. Mostly. That top note was bad. She has GOT to stop with the weird hand ticks when she sings.

Harry gives her an A+ on singing the lyrics but says she was also out of tune the whole time. Keith thought she grabbed the audience and pulled them in. Jennifer liked it but didn't love it. 7/10

Taking the next to final spot in the Top 8 is Jax​ and her face X. She's wearing THE DRESS! GUYS SHE'S WEARING THE DRESS! (It's definitely black and blue.) Oh, right. Singing. She's done something horrible to the arrangement of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." It's like weird lounge-y, cabaret? I don't know, but it's weird and I'm uncertain about it. 

Keith loves that she has strong artistry. Jennifer says she's already one of the favorites but wants her to be careful taking such giant risks with a song like that and didn't think those changes worked. Harry says she has an incredible voice and charisma and agrees with Jenn that the arrangement was dull. 6.5/10

The last spot in this year's Top 8 goes to...Alexis Gomez. She loses the guitar for a little "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" aka "I Can't Help Myself." She's also lost her shoes once again. She's having a fun time but this is just too saccharine a performance for me. And terribly out of key. Plus she doesn't seem to have any idea what she's doing on a stage.

Jennifer says that the guys are usually the ones to make comments about pitch but Alexis was so out of key it even bothered her. Harry thinks she needs to settle down when she sings. Keith loves the bare feet but thought the song choice was terrible. 5/10

Shannon Berthiaume, Shi Scott, Katherine Winston, and Lovey James are out. Lovey should've been in Maddie's spot. 

As for tonight's performances, Maddie Walker is on the chopping block unless she continues to garner the sweetheart vote. Jax should be in trouble because that arrangement was TERRIBLE but she won't be because THE DRESS will save her. It could very well be Alexis Gomez going home next Thursday night.

Next week we'll whittle them down to the Top 12, starting on Wednesday night.

American Idol

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One month, two events, 10 fights – welcome to the March 2015 edition of The 10, our look at the top matchups hitting the Octagon in the month ahead.February delivered a legitimate Knockout of the Year contender (Matt Dwyer) and a ton of eye-opening performances – from Benson Henderson picking up a submission win over Brandon Thatch and Marion Reneau doing the same against Jessica Andrade to Frank Mir getting back into the win column and Ronda Rousey notching her fifth consecutive successful title defense to run her record to a perfect 10-0.While March features the fewest events of ... Read the Full Article Here
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Criminal Minds went to a few unexpected places this week... and it paid off handsomely!

Not only did Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 16 take place entirely in a prison, it concentrated on the prisoners and guards much more than it did on the BAU team itself.

The case they investigated involved the murders of two prison guards, each of whom were found with socks stuffed in their mouths and seven of their fingers broken.

The mystery of the broken fingers was resolved only after we heard lots of Reid-generated dialogue (I guess monologue would be a better description) about symbolism and religious references. He finally landed on a simpler explanation: the number represented a cell number, specifically cell 34.

There were two reasons for the broken fingers. One was chutzpah on the part of Captain Shavers who wanted to taunt investigators.

They also served as a warning to the members of his unique little fight club: "don't say anything or this could be you."

When Morgan and Kate first realized that they might be investigating an unsub who wasn't necessary a prison inmate, the paranoia was intense. Kate said it best with: just means we got to be careful who we can trust.

Indeed. That observation put a whole different perspective on their investigation. I suppose we can forgive them for their lapse in forgetting about the video network that was happily in place while they interviewed the prisoners and guards. They interrogate people all the time, and there's almost always a camera in the background. They were probably so used to it they forgot about its significance in this instance.

Still, I don't know why they didn't catch on to those cameras, especially given Kate's warning and the nervousness of Officer Tom Polinksky, right before he spilled the beans.

There's a sense they may have realized their error, in that legendary "oh s**t" moment, right when Polinksky told them to keep his daughter safe – and about two seconds before the prisoners broke into the interrogation room.

Speaking of the prison what a scene that was. It never occurred to me just how vulnerable Kate, Morgan and Polinksky were in that tiny little room. This flashed all the way back to Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 24, when the team was opposed by almost an entire town's sheriff's department.

The way the show was moving along, I just never expected the excitement to ratchet up quite so high. That scene with the escaped prisoners put me on the edge of my seat. The only thing I wondered was how far would the prisoners go before the good guys got rescued.

It makes sense that another group of prisoners intervened, only because we know that the prison system breeds all kinds of groups vying for power and territory. Even so, Kate and Morgan weren't exactly safe until the SWAT team showed up.

Jennifer Love Hewitt nailed it with her portrayal of Kate as worn out and haunted at the same time as she finally escaped the prison doors.

The unspoken though very present character in this episode was the prison system itself. While the aim of the show was to entertain, there was an important message being given about the effectiveness and ethics of a "prison for hire". We know these exist all over the place, but as the evil Captain Shavers correctly opined, they were only concerned with the bottom line.

The line between public service and private enterprise has everything to do with motivation. On the public side, the need is to ensure the goal of prisons remains intact: to protect society adequately and to rehabilitate prisoners effectively. In fact, it can be argued that the one purpose serves the other. A rehabilitated prisoner becomes a potential member of civilized society, there to make his way through life by means of hard work rather than graft.

In fact, private prisons open themselves up to scenarios just like the one in this story: where a concentration on bottom line profits may mean that higher-ups like the warden may miss out on bothersome seemingly inconsequential details. Details like the establishment of a prisoner fight club, with guards making bets on the involuntary participants.

There was one other interesting message, and it came at the end with Rossi's quote of Dwight D. Eisenhower. I wonder if the quote "If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking is freedom" was a passing reference to stricter anti-terrorist laws. There was no reference to those law in the episode, which is why I find the quote so curious. Dwight D. was utterly correct: there's a tipping balance to be observed when we relinquish our freedoms in the name of security.  Food for thought anyway.

Final notes:

  • There were so many subtle messages. Like the message borne by the montage of prisoners being photographed at the start. We saw many characters: hardened faces, nervous faces, goofy and fun faces. No two were alike.
  • Another message was that "prisoner" does not equal "evil". Witness the prisoners who attempted to rescue Morgan and Kate, as well as the guy who lost his books to the evil captain of the guards. Not to mention Devon White.
  • The songs in the episode were amazing. At the start was the song "The Gospel Whiskey Runners" by Muddy Waters. in the middle of the episode they played "Echo" by Handsome Jack. And at the end was the song "Ancient Light" by Allman Brown.
  • Kate's niece Meg returns in next week's Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 17 offering, entitled "Breath Play".

What did you think of this unusual episode? Let us know in the comments below. And remember: you can always catch up on anything you've missed when you watch Criminal Minds online.

Criminal Minds

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Spring is right around the corner, and fortunately, so is the premiere of Bitten and the final season of Lost Girl. Also on the schedule is the premiere of new series Olympus. I
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NBC’s Hannibal has landed itself a major guest star for its upcoming third season, and this actor is very familiar with playing a serial killer, since he did so himself on not just NBC’s Heroes but also FX’s American Horror Story. Zachary Quinto has signed on to guest star in Hannibal Season 3. As first reported by, Quinto “will appear in at least one episode of the third season as a patient of Bedelia’s (Gillian Anderson).” No other specific details about his character have been revealed. Quinto has had roles on many different series, from 24 to, as previously mentioned,  American Horror Story to, most recently, Girls. While he currently stars in NBC’s The Slap, the actor is probably best known for playing Spock in the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek films and for his role as Sylar on the NBC superhero drama Heroes, a role he decided to not return for the show’s upcoming limited series event Heroes Reborn,…

Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3

 Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3  Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3

 Zachary Quinto to Guest Star in Hannibal Season 3

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